Always find the photographer that suits you

Compare and find your photographer on Happix! On Happix you will find the largest selection of professional photographers in your area. You can easily compare these photographers based on portfolio, style, location, reviews, experience and price! Each photographer is verified by our employees and rated by our customers.

Most types of photography

It doesn't matter who or what you want to have photographed, because with 50 types of photography, there is always plenty of choice. All you have to do is enter your location. Do you already know what you want? A portrait? A profile picture? Bridal photography? Then you can easily filter the search results based on your wishes. Still in doubt? Then get inspired by our blogs or look up information in our knowledge base!

Free cancellation

We are clear and honest with each other, because at Happix we go for a good and long-term cooperation! Are you unable to attend or has something changed? Don't worry, everything can be changed in consultation with the photographer. You can even cancel for free up to 48 hours in advance. Any payments will be refunded immediately.

100% satisfaction guarantee

As a comparison platform for photography, we take the worries of the photographers, so that they can do what they are good at: make you happy with beautiful photos! Your satisfaction is our priority. Our nine guarantees ensure that you get a good feeling when you look at your new photos. Only when you are happy, we are too!

Lowest all-in rate

At Happix you get a fixed price in advance. All photo shoots have the lowest all-in rate. This way you no longer have to request quotes and you never have unexpected costs. After booking your photo shoot, do you find the same photo shoot from the same photographer cheaper in a different place? Happix offers a lowest price guarantee. You will then receive a 25% discount on that rate!

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