Boudoir photography is a type of photography of a sensual nature, in which the (usually female) body plays the main role. A boudoir style photo shoot is neat, stylish and sexy, but not flat and vulgar. The curves of the female body are used perfectly, making every woman (regardless of body type) look great.

What is boudoir photography?

A boudoir means 'a lady in her private bedroom or dressing room'. It is an intimate, stylish photo shoot, where the seduction is the most important. It is a very exciting photo shoot, where the photographer makes sure that you feel comfortable. Such a shoot often takes place in your own bedroom, hotel or studio. It is nice if you know the area, so that you go into the photo shoot more comfortably.

A typical boudoir photo shoot involves switching between several sets of lingerie and a well-fitting corset. The most important thing is that you feel good in it, because you will radiate this in the photo. Alternate with shoes (high sexy heels), stockings, panties and jewelry. To feel comfortable during a boudoir photo shoot, read our 10 tips for a great boudoir shoot.

Interested in a boudoir photo shoot?

Boudoir photography is often used as a gift to the partner or just for yourself! Every woman should try it once. Curious about what Happix can offer you? Read more here or compare all boudoir photographers throughout the Netherlands.