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Everything you want to know about a shoot in a photo studio

A shoot in a photo studio is a fantastic gift to give to your boyfriend, girlfriend, family or loved one. In addition, it is also a nice reminder of a certain period in your life. You can think of newborn photography, portrait photography, glamor photography, girlfriends shoot and model photography. The great advantage of a photo studio is that the light can be placed perfectly and can therefore be controlled throughout the year.

Here at Happix we have the largest selection of photographers who facilitate shoots in a photo studio. We make it easy to choose by offering our visual decision aid. This allows you to search by region, type of photography, budget and previous work. Below you can find tips to make your photo shoot in a photo studio a success! So what are you waiting for?

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What do I get if I book my photoshoot through Happix?

All prices include travel time and kilometers within your region. Your photos have been edited and are delivered digitally and in high resolution.

Why choose your photo shoot in a photo studio via Happix?

Happix has the largest selection of photographers working in a photo studio. We are the only one who can guarantee you a photo shoot with a professional photographer in your area. Choosing the right photographer is also made extra easy with our visual selection aid. We not only have the largest selection of photographers, but also the necessary knowledge to make your photo shoot a great success. Read our tips below for a successful photo shoot in a photo studio.

If you are going to arrange a photo shoot in a photo studio, there are a number of things you can take into account. There are a lot of shoots and possibilities! Whether you want to take a picture alone, with friends or family, the photographer listens to your wishes and responds to them. Find fun poses in advance and get familiar with the camera. If you stand in front of the camera with confidence, you will get the best pictures anyway.

10 tips for a shoot in a studio

  • Think carefully about clothing. Forget white, busy and striped shirts and go for pastel.
  • Also pay attention to haircut, hands and nail care.
  • If you take a photo with several people, coordinate the clothes.
  • Use a little more makeup than you are used to, but not excessively.
  • Always bring a number of accessories (scarves, jewelry, etc.) to the photo studio.
  • Tinted skin looks beautiful. Just be careful not to get sunburnt, that would ruin your photo.
  • Before the shoot, put on loose clothes. This way you will not see any stripes.
  • If you normally wear glasses, it makes sense to keep them on too. Glasses can reflect, bring a spare.
  • Practice facial expressions in front of the mirror to familiarize yourself with this.
  • Beware of special trends. Such photos quickly go out of fashion, that's a shame! 

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