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Fotograaf Melanie Lemahieu

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Over Melanie

I originally come from France, I have lived and traveled to different places together with my husband Olivier before landing in 2003 by a lovely canal in Amsterdam. I'm a passionate and enthusiastic photographer, I think every person is photogenic, capturing feelings, small moments and interactions between people quickly became a passion and I also always had an insatiable creative itch. This is the reason why after a few years taking assignments on the side next to my office job as a customer service specialist and after graduating from the Dutch photography school Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, I did everything in my power to turn my passion for photography into a full-time occupation. My favorite area is to photograph events and capture beautiful portraits. I really blossom when I have the chance to meet people from all walks of life and cultures, but most of all because I truly love helping people and capturing their emotions and the connections between them. My mission is to capture the memorable essence of each event and to offer imagery with a vibrant twist to my clients, imagery that has real heart & soul. My goal is to help people building their image, authentically, and bring a story to life with creative and thoughtful photos. Everybody deserves incredible and authentic photos! I would love to help you capture yours! I'm happy to make other people happy! I'm also happy when discovering, traveling, going to the museum, to the movies, sharing a nice meal with family or friends 10 of my favorite things: 1.Quite obvious I agree… carrying my camera around and pulling the trigger…! 2. Related to images but in motion this time, cinema, from Truffaut to Cohen brothers via Almodóvar! 3. Cooking and eating. My favorite dish? Too difficult to tell although there would certainly be some French dishes, cheeses and wines on the list! 4. When we are not running around, cocooning and spending time with my husband, my cat and Netflix. 5. Ice skating, I used to be an artistic ice skater before going to college. 6. Traveling and discovering new cultures and people. Fun fact: next to my degree in photography, I also have a degree in Tourism. 7. Birds and nature in general, I love staying hours to watch birds and possibly capture a great shot! 8. Norway, visiting my friends there, catching a northern light or midnight sun. And eating Norwegian waffles naturally! 9. Humor, irony, absurd. To illustrate: Monty Python, Magritte, Man Ray… 10. Bretagne, my homeland, its landscapes and its magic light. With photography, I can capture simple beauties of life, a moment, an impression, a glimpse I can create, I can express emotions and feelings, I can share. And I can also help others to create, to express themselves, to share, to remember. Together we can invent true stories!

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