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Everything you want to know about your family shoot

Family photos are often given as gifts. A special occasion that you can capture with a spontaneous photo of your family. Your family is always worth immortalizing through a family shoot.

A family photoshoot is all about you and your family. A large family or a small family: it doesn't matter. These photoshoots are held regularly during events. When it is someone's birthday, an anniversary or a wedding are cherished moments. Pets are also often involved as an important part of the family.

During family photography, there is often also the opportunity to take a photo of a couple or just a portrait of you. Family photography and portrait photography are regularly combined. Everyone is dressed in full uniform and looks beautiful. Then you make it easier to take a portrait photo.

Often the problem is getting one large group to do the same thing at the same time. Make sure you agree in advance what the purpose of the shoot is and what the photos are for. This way you create clarity and everyone knows what to expect.

It is also nice to radiate unity in terms of clothing. You don't have to all look exactly the same, but a theme or a color that everyone can stick to makes a big difference. A little unity ultimately ensures the best photos.

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Why choose your family photoshoot through Happix?

Often you have an event planned and you are looking for a photographer who can do a family photoshoot on location. Happix has the largest selection of family photographers in the Netherlands. We are the only ones who can really guarantee you a photoshoot with a professional photographer in your area.

Choosing the photographer is also made extra easy by our visual selection aid. We not only have the widest range of family photographers, but also the knowledge to make your photoshoot a success.

Picture your family beautifully and fun by one of the associated photographers. The amount of photographers is high but comparing them is made easy and clear. There are a lot of standard family photos, nothing wrong with that. If you want something different / something unique, then the photographer probably has some good tips to offer. Unfortunately, we cannot help with that on the spot, but we can help with the preparation.

Nothing is more difficult than the right clothing during a shoot with several people. It should match, but not be the same. That is why we have listed five tips below. With this, we make it a lot easier for you to help get over the clothing crisis.

5 clothing tips for the most beautiful family photos

  • Keep it basic and limit prints, this makes the end result more spontaneous and the family is central and not the decoration.
  • Consider the background. Are the photos taken in the forest or, for example, in a studio?
  • Take each other into account. Match the colors, but not the same.
  • Is this not quite successful? Make sure that no more than three colors are used and that they do not 'clash' with each other.
  • Bring an extra set of clothes, so that you have more choice in the photos afterward.

There are, of course, several moments that are wonderful to capture. A photo with your brothers and sisters or a large family photo that also features grandpa and grandma. For several examples, you can read the blog Familiefotoshoot: leg jouw dierbare herinneringen vast lezen. 

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